Iphone 7 Pics Leaked on Internet


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Iphone 7 Pics Leaked on Internet :-

Do you know that Iphone 7 (The most awaited smartphone ) pics are Leaked on the internet from China .

This is not an original Iphone 7 But a clone of Iphone 7 .

This Clone has no 3.5mm headphone jack, two (grille) speakers ,  no protective ring around large camera lens .

iphone Iphone 7 Leak pics
Iphone 7 Leak pic 1










Three Versions Of Iphone :-  Plus , Normal And Pro 

Iphone 7 Leak pic 2
Iphone 7 Leak pic 2










News :- Galaxy Note 7 will be launched earlier than iphone 7 on August 2 Because Apple is currently working on bringing iris scanning where as Samsung Has worked on it earlier.

So apple may launch this new smartphone iphone7 late than earlier anounced . It’s dates can be shifted .

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