What Google Knows About Me ? Google Tracks your every activity ?

What Google Knows About Me :

Google We Love You — We Mostly Say this…! But Most Of us don’t know this ? What What … We will see Now…..⇒

Hey Friends ,

Most of us generally think that I use google many times a day , what google knows about me ?

If i have to tell in short Than i will say :::—    “Google knows everything about you .” 

I say this because Whether  you’re searching for something in the browser on your pc or phone or using another Google app , Google is tracking your each and every activity .

do you know google tracks you?

Why Google Track your Each activity ?

Google do this so that Google could customize your web experiance .

Means with that google Find relevant ads for you and also the relevant services for you .

How To See What Google Know's About You ?
Ans : Just 
  1. 1. Open Gmail account on your pc or smartphone Or any other device
  2. 2.  Just Click This Link Here and you will be gone to page where you will find everything that google knows about you .

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