Sundar Pichai Speech at iit kharagpur (kgp) India On Thursday 5 january 2017 19:26 Ist

Sundar Pichai Speech At iit KGP On 5 January 2017

5 January 2017,Thursday : Google CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Visited iit Kharagpur India and interacted with 3500 Students and teachers In the campus . He said that SmartPhone prices should come down to Rs 2,000 In India . Many questions were asked from the Ceo and a lot of things got to know about SUNDAR PICHAI .    

sundar-pichai-visit-to-india-2017-campus-branch-it-kharagpur-mobile-offers-WHAT WE GOT TO KNOW ABOUT HIM ?

Sundar Pichai is born in Chennai  (South India) And Now On 5 Jan 2017 He Returned to his Collage after 23 years .


sundar-pichai-love-anjali-campus-iit-kgp-hostel-romanceLove Affair -

His has a love affair with a girl named "Anjali" , Who is now His wife .He meet with Anjali  in the campus . Sundar said that the romance was tough because access to the girls hostel was not so easy.


FAVOURITE ACTRESSdeepika-padukone-sundar-pichai-favourite-actress

  Sundar pichai said his favourite Actress Is Deepika Padukone . At collage time , He has many favourite actresses.


What Sundar Told For India?

                                                                                                                                 Sundar Pichai said that GOOGLE has also been able to roll out many programmes for Digital India Scheme through the "effective public-private partnerships".      After This ,  He said that SmartPhone prices should come down to Rs 2,000 In India .        
BUNK CLASSES Sundar Pichai told that He stayed up late at night and missed the classes in the morning.He Missed many classes too .sundar-pichai-bunk-missed-classes-iit-passion-late night-morning-miss
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