Adolf Hitler’s Secret French Bunker Founded by a Man ? Strange Facts

A Man Found Hitler’s Secret French Bunker

Adolf Hitler was one of the dictators in the world . In many shows , It has been tried to proof that hitler as not died by suicide rather he was alive . Hitler committed some of the most horrifying atrocities in human history, but when this man (a photographer ) stumbled upon his secret French bunker, he was very brave to go inside anyway.

Hitler last bunker northern france marc askat
Outside Image of Hitler Last Bunker Northern France …


Urban explorer and a Parisian photographer Marc Askat braved the hunting season to walk through the thick wooded countryside in northern France. It was considered to be one of the last Secret Bunker of Adolf Htler .

Hitler’s Bunker Place is Still Hidden From Public

He took Series of photographs that show the Hitler’s Secret bunker which is covered by lots of overgrown weeds – in a secret location in Northern France . Askat hide the exact location. He is keeping Hitler’s underground bunker location a secret from the public.The reason behind keeping the location disclosed from public is that once this plae was used as a secret training ground for France’s elite Foreign Legion military.

At that place , Not only the hitler lived but also there lived a lot of German army .

More Pics :-

Opening Door of the hitler Bunker .
Adolf hitler swimming pool in the secet bunker franc by photographers
Hiter’s Swimming Pool which is filled with moss now

Hitler bunker secret from public in the woods

Inner-look-shocking images of adolf hitler bunker
Inner look of adolf hitler Bunker in France



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