Why it has taken Incredible 2 – A total of 14 years to be made

incredibles 2 delayed reason by brad bird and pixar

Many of the Incredible Series lovers was waiting for the the second part of the movie from a long time .And it is true that this movie’s sequel had taken a long time of approx 14 years to be released .Now people thinks that why ‘Incredibles 2’ had taken so long time to come out ?

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The reason for this is that the Computer animation company Pixar who had made this movie was working on many other animation film projects during these 14 years .These movies are Cars (2006) , Ratatouille (2007) , WALL-E, Up (2009), Toy Story 3 (2010) , Cars 2 (2011), Brave, Monsters University (2013) ,Finding Dory (2016) , Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Cars 3 and Coco (2017).

incredibles 2 long time 13 years

The most important thing makign these movies was that Most of these movies were sequels or prequels to the cartoon movies they have already made like Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.

Because of all of those other movies that came out in the last 14 years, they didn’t have time to go with making Incredibles 2 . John Lasseter,the Chief creative officer of Pixar had also stated in his statement that ” Our company Pixar doesn’t make any sequels unless it have a good story that will make it work to make it better than the original movie” .One other reason is that all of the other movies which are made within these years are seuels and many of them are released before incredibles which came in 2004 .Becuase of that it often pushes the production back many years in advance.

The Incredibles series writer and director Brad Bird also didn’t want to make a sequel until he came up with a good idea for one, and it took him more than ten years before the thought of an idea he liked.

Actually after The Incredibles was released in 2004, Brad Bird became busy. He directed ‘Ratatouille’ , additionally from Pixar, that was released in 2007, soon after that he had the chance to direct Mission: Impossible sequel and Tomorrowland. So Brad Bird truly had the core focus of Incredibles a pair of, Elastigirl having the larger spotlight now around, as he was promoting the primary one back in 2004, however the opposite very important component the ‘superhero versus villain’ plot took so many years to be made, as he would stumble upon many ideas that wouldn’t stick. He even claimed he threw away concerning two-and-a-half films value of ideas for a sequel.


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  2. […] ALSO READ : Why it has taken Incredibles 2 – A total of 14 years to be made  […]

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