BoAt service center in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Boat service center Nagpur, Maharashtra address, boat customer care number, and boat product accessibility in Nagpur, Maharashtra at the service center in Nagpur, Maharashtra. If you feel any problem related to your boat unit, you can get in touch with the boat customer service center in Nagpur, Maharashtra with all the details and references below. Boat creates an amazing customer experience by fixing boat items.

What Products are Available in Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • Bassheads 102/103/152/162/172/182/180/200/220/225/228/100/110/152/162/242/900/910
  • Rockerz 235V2/255/255R/255F/255 Pro/255F Pro/255R Pro/400/410/450/510
  • Airdopes 311 V2/171/173/200/201/203/381/382/383/441/443
  • Micro Rugged V3
  • Micro USB 100/500
  • Type C 1/2M
  • Dual Rapid Car Charger
  • Nirvana UNO
  • LTG Cable 1M/2M
  • Stone 1000 Black/200 Blue/200 Black/Grenade
  • Rugby Blue/Black

BoAt Service Center in Nagpur, Maharashtra

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About Boat Company:

Aman Gupta told BGR India that individuals will not automatically spend as before when the lockdown is lifted and economic activity resumes. This is a looming threat and one that economists around the world have been educating policymakers about. There’s going to be some time for people to get back to normal again. It won’t happen where the market unexpectedly changes, even though all goes well,” he said.” There is a gloomy feeling along with recessionary concerns in the economy. People want things to be preserved and things to be conserved,” he further explained.

The goals are set for BoAt Lifestyle and its eccentric co-founder. They reflect on the year ahead rather than dwelling on a stage that remains uncertain. What does BoAtheads mean by that? Ok, once the nation removes the lockout, you can get to purchase BoAt headphones as usual. Before the country went into lockdown, Aman also explained that the company was not especially great. The business spike occurs towards the end of the year, particularly in the fourth quarter, he says. As a result, BoAt was not greatly affected by China’s lockdown and India’s lockdown.

COVID-19 lockdown has also shown the ugly side of this industry. With sustainability coming under question, tech companies are laying off employees faster than ever before. boAt Lifestyle, which is an operation comprising a small team, is taking a different approach. For starters, the co-founder told me that there are no layoff or furloughs being planned. “I personally feel that our company does not hire and fire fast. We didn’t hire too many people and are a sustainably strong company,” Gupta said. “We don’t burn money, we earn money,” he added. For the time being, boAt Lifestyle plans to hand out paychecks as usual without any cut. However, it does not plan to hire any additional workforce till the time this situation gets better.






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