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They were formed when the former National League teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants, were relocated to Los Angeles and San Francisco to become the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, respectively. Casey Stengel, the team’s first manager, founded the team in 1962.

The Mets spent their first two seasons at the Polo Grounds. For the 1964 season, a new stadium called Shea Stadium was needed to be built. In both 1962 and 1963, the Mets finished last. The team hosted its first all-star game in 1964. The New York Mets won the World Series for the first time in 1969, defeating the Baltimore Orioles. A wonderful memory for the team. The 69 Mets were dubbed the “Miracle Mets.”

They reached the World Series in 1973, but were defeated by the Oakland Athletics. They won their second world series in 1986, defeating the Boston Red Sox. In Game 6 of that World Series, Mookie Wilson hit a grounder that Bill Buckner missed, and the Mets won. 1997-2000 MLB began Inter-League Play in 1997, with the notable rival team they faced being the New York Yankees, and the Subway Series was born as a result.

The Mets and Yankees met in the World Series in 2000, but the Mets lost. To read more, go to the 2000 World Series and Subway Series World Series.However, rather than signing talented young players with future potential, Mets management chose to sign faded stars from the Dodgers and Giants in order to appeal to fans’ nostalgia. Casey Stengel, the legendary Yankees manager, was hired out of retirement to lead the team,[3] but his managerial skills were insufficient to overcome the team’s severe lack of talent.

The Mets finished first in 2006 but were defeated in the NLCS by the St. Louis Cardinals. Former Met Endy Chavez made “The Catch” in that series. In 2007, he hit a game-winning bunt that became known as “the bunt.” They moved into Shea in 1964 and played there for 45 years (Games were still being played until 2008 but the final tear down of the Stadium was in 2009 so really in total 44 seasons and 45 years of it still being there.) until 2008 The Mets collapsed against the Florida Marlins in their final games at Shea Stadium in 2007 and 2008.

They were defeated in the wildcard round by the Milwaukee Brewers. 2009-2010 The Mets moved to their new home, Citi Field, in 2009. The Mets suffered a slew of injuries in their inaugural season; for more information, see 2009 DL. They finished fourth. In 2010, the Mets rebounded from an injury-plagued year to finish fourth for the second year in a row, after finishing second in 2007 and 2008.In 1970, they broke the Yankees’ 1948 attendance record by drawing nearly 2.7 million people. Before the Yankees took it back in 1999, the Mets broke their own record five times.

No Mets pitcher had ever thrown a no-hitter until Johan Santana no-hit the Cardinals on June 1, 2012. The team’s pitchers had gone more than 7,800 games without throwing a pitch, the longest streak of any Major League team. Potential no-hitters by Mets pitchers have been broken up on several occasions in the late innings. Tom Seaver pitched 8+13 innings without allowing a hit for the Mets twice – in one of those games, against Chicago in 1969,Seaver only needed two more outs for a perfect game before Jimmy Qualls singled– while in recent years Tom Glavine, Pedro Martnez, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, R. A. Dickey, Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, Steven Matz, and Noah Syndergaard all lost no-hit bids in Following the Mets’ first no-hitter, the only team without a no-hitter at the time was the San Diego Padres. The Lovable Losers, 1962–1966 The National League held an expansion draught in October 1961 to fill the rosters of the New York Mets and the Houston Colt.45s with players from other teams

The Mets’ owners, Fred and Jeff Wilpon, fired GM Omar Minaya and Manager Jerry Manuel in 2011, and replaced them with Sandy Alderson as GM and Terry Collins as manager. When Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter at Citi Field against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2012, it changed the Mets’ culture of not having a no-hitter. It took place on June 1st.The team never had a no-hitter. Until June 1, 2012, when Johan Santana threw one against the St. Louis Cardinals. For more, see Mets Get First No-Hitter and Johan Santana Gives Mets First No-Hitter. No Mets player has ever hit three home runs in a single game.

Only on the road have players such as Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and others hit three home runs. Mr. Met is their mascot.  Tug McGraw used the catchphrase “Ya Gotta Believe” to motivate his team to victory. The Mets were known as The Amazin’ Mets, The Amazins, and The Metropolitans. The Mets’ retired numbers are 37, 14, 41, 42, and Shea, 31. Retired Numbers can be found here.

The Mets numbers that are no longer in use but have not been retired areGary Carter andWillie Mays. Keith Hernandez (1987-1989), Gary Carter (1988-1989 Co-Captain), John Franco (2001-2004), and Daivd Wright served as team captains (2013-present) The Mets have nine minor league teams.

They have six opponents: the New York Yankees, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Florida Marlins, the Atlanta Braves, and the Washington Nationals. Blue, orange, and white are the team colours. Since 2006, SNY and WPIX have been the primary broadcasters for Mets games, and it is the team’s network. However, WPIX has been broadcasting Mets games on TV since 1999. The Mets are a sponsor of the SNY Invitational.

The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants relocated from New York to California in 1957, leaving the country’s largest city without a National League franchise. Two years later, on July 27, 1959, attorney William Shea announced the formation of the Continental League, a third major baseball league.

He attempted to persuade several existing clubs, including the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds, to relocate, but no National League club was interested.  A team from New York City was one of the Continental League’s five founding members. Joan Whitney Payson and Charles Shipman Payson, former Giants minority owners, owned the majority of the stock. George Herbert Walker, Jr. (uncle of future President George H. W. Bush) held the second largest stake and served as vice president and treasurer until 1977.

M. Donald Grant, a former Giants director, was appointed chairman of the board. Grant had represented the Paysons’ interests on the Giants’ board of directors, and as such, he was the only board member to oppose the team’s relocation west. The two existing leagues, which had far more autonomy at the time, responded by announcing plans to add four new teams, two in each league. One of the new National League teams was supposed to be based in New York. The NL offered this new franchise to the CL’s New York group in exchange for a commitment to build a new park. Shea told New York City Mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr. that he needed to personally call all of the National League team owners and guarantee that the city would build a new stadium.

The new team needed a new name, and many suggestions were made. “Bees,” “Burros,” “Continentals,” “Skyscrapers,” “Skyliners,” and “Jets” (which would eventually be used by the city’s American Football League team) were among the finalists, as were the eventual runners-up, “Empires” and “Islanders” (the latter nickname would be used by a future NHL team in the area). Despite Payson’s preference for “Meadowlarks,” the club’s owners ultimately chose “Metsbecause it was closely related to the club’s already-existing corporate name, “New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc.,” it harkened back to “Metropolitans,” a name used by an earlier New York team in the American Association from 1880 to 1887,[7] and its brevity would naturally fit in newspaper headlines.

The name was well-received by fans and the press alike. The Mets sought to appeal to the large contingent of former Giants and Dodgers fans from the start. The Mets’ team colours reflect this: orange from the Giants (and, more recently, black) and blue from the Dodgers. Orange and blue are also the official colours of New York City.

As a result, two rival fan bases with 19th-century roots were largely united in their support for the new club. The team played its home games for the first two years of its existence at the historic Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan, which it shared with the New York Jets (whose team name was one of the aforementioned finalists for the Mets), which had been abandoned by the former Giants baseball team. In 1964, both teams relocated to the newly built Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows,

Queens, where the Mets remained until the 2008 season (the Jets would leave after the 1983 NFL season). The club relocated to Citi Field in 2009, adjacent to the former Shea Stadium site. The Mets have won two World Series championships (1969 and 1986), five National League pennants (1969, 1973, 1986, 2000, and 2015), and six National League East championships (1969, 1973, 1986, 1988, 2006, 2015). In 1999, 2000, and 2016, the Mets qualified for the postseason as the National League Wild Card team.

Team Name New York Mets Team
Established In  1962
Based In New York City borough of Queens
Mascot NA
Arena/Stadium  Citi Field
Owner Steve Cohen
President  Sandy Alderson
General Manager  Billy Eppler
Head Coach N/A

New York Mets Team Fanmail Address:

New York Mets
Citi Field
41 Seaver Way
Queens, NY 11368-4191

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