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YBN Almighty Jay Phone Number, House Address, Email, Biography, Wiki, Whatsapp, and Contact Information

Jay Bradley, better known by his stage moniker YBN Almighty Jay, shot to fame with his YouTube single ‘Chopsticks,’ which has earned more than 10 million views and been streamed more than 20 million times on SoundCloud.

Since the release of his highly successful tune, he has been a part of a number of collaborations, the most well-known of which is his rapping alongside YBN Nahmir, who is also a successful rapper. In addition to performing on a regular basis in the United States of America, the duo often tours internationally.

He has also made headlines for his personal life, which has centered on his romance with American model and entrepreneur Black Chyna. His perspective is that this is the most unforgettable moment of his life to this point. The couple’s relationship, in addition to their encounters with the paparazzi, is the talk of the town.

In addition to his Flagship YouTube page, which served as a launching pad for his musical career, he maintains an active YouTube channel, which includes vlogs about his interests and other personal matters, as well as music videos, among other things.

He is a busy performer who has already performed in Alabama, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and Chicago this year alone. In 2018, he has also performed in a number of additional cities. During the course of the year, he hopes to perform in a number of more cities.

Almighty Jay was born on August 6, 1999, in Galveston County, Texas, and was raised by his mother and two brothers until the age of 18. He is the eldest of three sons in his family. From an early age, he showed great interest in music, particularly hip-hop (rap).

Music by legends of his generation, like Chief Keef, Chris Brown, Weezy, and others, was a constant source of inspiration for him growing up. Soulja Boy is someone that he looks up to as an inspiration. He is currently involved with Blac Chyna, a model, and entrepreneur who is widely known as Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend and who is currently dating him. Blac Chyna is also known as Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend. They are said to have met through a dating service and to have started dating shortly after.

On several occasions, the couple has been photographed together, and they openly acknowledged their relationship in February 2018. In addition, as indicated by his Instagram page, he is known to hang out with other well-known rappers in the music industry. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kodak Black, and Snoop Dogg are among the superstars with whom he has shared photos on his social media accounts.

According to prior reports, Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay are rumored to be dating each other. Others were confused whether he was joking or serious when he proposed to her over Instagram, which he shared with the world. This was followed by a refusal by the couple to make any further pronouncements, and the media is eagerly awaiting any news regarding the marriage.

Some have speculated about the potential of them working together in the future. As well as releasing photographs and videos of the two of them together with her ex-boyfriend, Chyna has caused worry among the Kardashians and their children by doing so.

After years of practicing rapping, YBN Almighty Jay is only now entering the professional arena, despite the fact that he has been rhyming since he was a baby. After much deliberation, he decided in September 2017 to begin uploading videos to his YouTube page.

The vast bulk of these videos were rap performances. Nevertheless, one of the songs branded ‘Chopsticks,’ immediately became popular on the internet, with more than 4 million views in the first month after it was made available online.

In addition, he has begun to post his music on the SoundCloud social media network. Almighty Jay became well-known within three months of the release of his music video for ‘Chopsticks,’ which soon topped the 10 million views mark, solidifying his position among his peers as a respected figure who was frequently cited by his fellow musicians.

In 2017, he released his second track, titled ‘Off Instagram,’ which was similarly produced by Hoodzone and featured a different vocalist. In the group with whom he has been linked from his early adolescence, the term “Young Boss N*ggas” is an abbreviation that stands for “Young Boss N*ggas.”

His early years were influenced by the crew’s sense of style, and he is an active part of the YBN movement with whom he has cooperated on numerous occasions, including with his fellow artist YBN Nahmir. A piece of his voice may be heard on the hit single ‘No Hook’ by YBN Nahmir, which was produced by him. He followed that up with a song called ‘Takin Off,’ which was published in January of this year.

YBN Almighty Jay Biography/WikiBIOGRAPHY:

Because of his great popularity, even though he had only recently been introduced to the music industry, it was very certain that an agreement with a record company would be reached soon after. In January 2018, he got a deal with the Rich The Kids label ‘Rich Forever Ent.,’ which further cemented his place as a successful musician in the industry. In the following year, he released another single under the title “Bread Winners,” which was another collaboration with YBN Nahmir.

It is now in the process of putting together an untitled mixtape that will be released in the near future. The year 2018 has been a watershed moment in his life, as his musical career has taken off and he has signed his first professional record deal. His calendar is also extremely hectic throughout the year, as he anticipates performing in a number of different locations.

Aside from Los Angeles and Chicago, he plans to perform in a number of other cities during the year. After years of planning and informal recording, YBN Almighty Jay went from having high ambitions of becoming a rap sensation to becoming a very real celebrity in his own right after years of planning and informal recording.

While participating in Xbox Live as a teenager, Almighty Jay met other rappers who shared his passion for rapping as well as his interest in gaming, as well as his goals to become a YouTube sensation.

Jay would later form the YBN collective, a group of rappers with whom he would collaborate and with which he would distribute his solo albums in conjunction, out of those gaming-related friendships. In late 2017, he earned his first significant hit with the viral song “Chopsticks,” and he has since gained in popularity as a result of the release of his own recordings as well as guest performances on major tracks by other musicians.

YBN: The Mixtape (YBN: The Mixtape) (YBN: The Mixtape) When Jay Bradley, a Texas-born rapper, was a child, he grew up listening to his mother’s religious music before discovering rap and started to write his own rhymes as a nine-year-old child. After listening to Chief Keef’s Almighty So mixtape in 2013, he decided to follow his desire of becoming a YouTube star and went by the alias King Almighty Jay to achieve his goal of becoming a YouTube star.

On Xbox Live, he could network with other players and meet people like Nick Simmons, who he met the year before. His friend Nick Simmons, who was also a gamer from Birmingham, Alabama, was a fellow gamer whom he met in 2014. When these faraway friends began freestyling to one another while playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in their leisure time, it was the birth of the YBN gang, which began as a gaming collective but morphed into something more music-related as time went on.

After that, Jay and Simmons (now known as YBN Nahmir) concentrated on their own projects, composing and producing music as well as distributing tracks and mixtapes on the internet over a number of years. However, they didn’t officially meet until 2017, shortly after the release of YBN Nahmir’s breakthrough tune “Rubbin Off the Paint,” which was the catalyst for their collaboration.

Following the release of the viral single and video “Chopsticks,” Jay’s own career took off, thanks in part to a digital distribution arrangement with Human Re Sources, the same company that was responsible for Nahmir’s meteoric rise to celebrity status.

On commercial streaming services, YBN Almighty Jay released a small number of tracks in 2018, among them a remix of “Chopsticks” (with Rich the Kid), “Takin Off,” “Bread Winners” (featuring Nahmir), “2 Tone Drip,” and “Off Instagram.”

As previously reported by Rolling Stone, Jay collaborated with Rich the Kid on a number of tunes this year and gained popularity for his relationship with celebrity model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna, which he revealed in an interview.

YBN collective had roughly ten members at the time of his death, but Jay was one of the crew’s core three members, along with Nahmir and YBN Cordae, and was one of the crew’s most prominent members. After being released in the fall of 2018, the YBN: The Mixtape showcased a collection of some of the best songs from their major singers, including members of the YBN clique. Earlier this year, the single “Spaceship” was made available for purchase.

Popular As YBN Almighty Jay
Occupation Youtuber
Age 22 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born 6 August 1999
Birthday 6 August
Town/City Galveston, Texas
Country United States
Nationality American

According to recharz.com, He is one of the prominent Rappers. He has come into the list of those popular people who were born on 6 August 1999. He is one of the Richest Rappers who was born in America. He is one of the popular Rappers in our database at the age of 22 years old.

YBN Almighty Jay Physical Stats & Body Measurements

Not Much Known About his Body Measurements.

YBN Almighty Jay Wife or Dating Life

Not Much Known About his Dating Life.

YBN Almighty Jay Family Information

Not Much Known About his Family.

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YBN Almighty Jay Fanmail Address

Galveston, Texas, United States

YBN Almighty Jay Income

The actual income of growing continuously in 2020-21. So, how much is the income of YBN Almighty Jay? What is the Rapper YBN Almighty Jay’s earnings per year, and how affluent is he at the age of twenty-two? We approximate YBN Almighty Jay net income, cash, worth as per in 2020-21 given below:

YBN Almighty Jay ESTIMATED NET INCOME: $ 300 k Dollars 

YBN Almighty Jay is an admirable Rapper with a net income of $300 k at the age of twenty-two. The source of money seems to be mostly from being such a famous Rapper. He is from the United States.

YBN Almighty Jay Personal Profile:

  • Name: YBN Almighty Jay
  • Date of Birth: 6 August 1999
  • Age: 22 years
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place/City: Galveston, Texas, United States
  • Wife/Spouse- N/A
  • Profession: Rapper

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YBN Almighty Jay Contact Details

1. INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/realalmightyjay/

We have written his Instagram Profile username above and the given username or Id is accurate and confirmed by us and Instagram too. If you’d like to support him or want to follow him, you can also use the account name mentioned above.

2. YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJtXJbCsTgNfJUQ5ld5UeA

This is a YouTube channel under which he updated his video clips. If anyone wants to see his uploads and videos, they can use the username link which is given above.

3. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RealAlmightyJay

His Facebook ID also has been provided above. It is reviewed and we confirm that it is 100% Real Profile of him. You can follow him on his Facebook profile and for that, you can follow the link above.

4. TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/ybnalmightyjay

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