Dream Interpretation Of Hell

Dream Interpretation Of Hell

The meaning of the dream symbol: Hell

Hell is a representation of what it means to be afraid, to feel guilty, to commit sins, and to engage in criminal activity. Your previous karmas and disturbing recollections may also play a role in your nightmares.

Let’s see what your dreams say about them:


Most of the time, the problems we face are the result of our actions. When we’re amid our wrath, we don’t know how many people we’ve injured. We must have also slapped our children and loved ones with our hands to vent our anger. Hell dreams serve as a constant reminder of the things we’ve done and the people we’ve met.

If you dream about hell, it’s a sign that your subconscious is berating you for wrongdoings from the past. Hell dreams are also a symbol of gloom and doom. Having wicked thoughts against someone and wishing he were in hell might be a possible cause of this.

The most essential thing to remember about hell is that it represents impending peril. It alerts you to the possibility of becoming a victim or a witness to a conflict, argument, brawl, or crime. It might also be a sign that a close friend or family member is in danger.

Most Common Hell Dreams:

If you have a nightmare in which you see someone being roasted alive in the pits of hell, this is a portent of divine wrath. The good he did will be rewarded handsomely, yet his failure might put the person’s life in jeopardy.

Anyone, You Know in Hell: If you dream about seeing someone dear to you in hell, it’s an indication that things between you aren’t quite right. You’ve lost interest in that individual because of your unpleasant sentiments, and you don’t care about her/him. Do not get into a disagreement or quarrel with this individual; keep your cool. The best course of action is to either avoid him or sit down with him and clear the air.

To Dream of Ghosts in Hell: This is a sign that you have a strong urge to have sex with someone. The ghosts are a sign that your wild side is attempting to emerge. To regain control, try meditating or finding some other kind of distraction. This shows that the dreamer is a money-obsessed, egotistical person. It’s hardly a good omen when you get visions of hell. Financial setbacks are almost certain, much to the delight of the dreamer’s detractors.


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