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English YouTuber Pyrocynical Parody films and game commentary videos are popular with Pyrocynical. He’s now on other platforms. Niall is Pyrocynical. Unknown full name He disproved the theory that it was Niall Comas. So his whole name is unavailable. He’ll be 23 and a Taurus in 2020. One of his favorite childhood memories is Spyro. No information about his parents or siblings. His educational background is similarly unknown. He is also British. Pyrocynical is known for his montage parodies and gameplay analyses.

His mlg Teletubbies video has 11 million hits. “How to Pizza” parody video has over 430,000 views. Pyrocynical employed popular commenting formats like-colored borders around video recordings. His channel currently has trend analysis videos. Pyrocynical refers to his followers as the “Bruh Army”. Snark at PewDiePie’s supporters. In his own words, the Bro Army. Most of his descriptions included a Brofist ASCII picture.

It was among PewDiePie’s early explanations. Pyrocynical joined YouTube on July 27th. In 2014, he posted his first video. In 2015, he released IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO. As with the other montage parody videos, it’s commentary. Since then, he’s only posted SHREK HAS SWAG 2. This commentary video’s montage parody was not its main focus. Contrast it to his earlier montage parodies. He now posts trending topics, gaming videos, and analyses.

Pyrocynical Biography/Wiki


A lot more Pyrocynical interaction in sketches. This is a Despacito meme movie. His golden-brown, almost-white hair is unusual. A cute little lesbian, some said. Pyro’s videos started with CS:GO or Overwatch. The raw film of Pyro in his room is a different story. His fans urged him to play Connect 4. Then he described the “clinical despair” gameplay of “Garfield Kart.” Garfield Kart footage clocks in at 12 hours and 100 minutes.

Keemstar, the DramaAlert host, first posted photographs from his personal Facebook account. According to Keemstar, the photo he uploaded was leaked to Twitter and Google Images. Pyro also took down a video of him brushing his teeth. Il erroneously said who I’m voting for a president on October 12, 2016. (Answer) A critique of the 2016 US presidential election Casey Neistat. Since the reveal, he’s been in practically every video, varying his format. Pyro has collaborated with NFKRZ and Bamboo.

Pyro has also worked with WillNE, Colossal Is Crazy, Vargskelethor Joel, Trollzous, Dolan Dark, and Jameskii. Encouragement from other YouTubers like LtCorbis has influenced Pyro. Similarly, BionicPIG’s song promotion. People used to call Pyro a “LeafyIsHere clone” despite their differences in personality. So Pyro self-critiquingly copied Leafy’s hook and content.

Two friends who featured on Drama Alert for a playground insult match. From the looks of it, Leafy despises Pyro and feels he plagiarised his style. They’ve been feuding since April 2016. Pyro released KEEMSTAR RANT on April 9. The rapper says that Keemstar should have disclaimed the video when he discussed the Toby Turner rape. To his chagrin, Keemstar publicly rebuked Pyro and posted his personal images on Twitter. In one video, a French underage girl was referenced, but Pyrocynical changed her age.

Pyro allegedly swindles a renowned YouTuber by inviting him to furry events. Keemstar then blocked Pyro. To describe what Keemstar has done to him in the past, Pyro posted a video on June 9, 2016. One is accused of pedophilia. DramaAlert got slammed for this, and Keem’s reputation suffered. However, Pyro appears to be the first to resolve the Keemstar disagreement on YouTube.

Popularity plummeted after Pyrocynical’s video. Pyro hasn’t had any personal issues since. YouTube doesn’t pay me was released on July 20, 2019. Then he recounts the copying of his flicks. The claims target Whitewoods Beach Walk outro. A part of the song was used by Pyrocynical. Copyright lawsuits are shown in Pyro. Grace Jones’ La Vie En Rose appears in Beach Walk.

The video announced a new outro and was appealing. Every Pyrocynical video until September 4th, 2019. Pyrocynical caught me paying $2000 to meet Morgz. Pyro has maintained the outro. So did Niha. Pyrocynical’s major video genres are humor and gaming. It’s odd that Pyro’s Twitter account is continuously banned despite no wrongd Pyro threatened to grind Cold Ones’ lard into his mid-roll adverts as a hoax.

He says he’s been out since 2020. Some of Pyro’s films have “funny” props including Minecraft tools, a Roadhog mask, and Pyro’s headgear. His favorite Overwatch characters are Roadhog and Ana. Based on his references, Pyrocynical appears to be a Dark Souls aficionado. In late June 2019, Pyrocynical dressed up as Ryko Matoi from Kill la Kill and Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia.

Pyro enjoys crossdressing, according to Dolan Dark’s remark on Pyrocynical’s Cold One episode. From late 2016 through early 2019, Hyojin Choi dated Pyrocynical. Australian/Korean Hyojin Squizzy It was tweeted on April 19, 2019. Squizzy also named Pyrocynical as a friend. In March 2019, he was linked to Twitter user Daflummify. It’s unclear how he’ll feel in.

Popular As Pyrocynical
Occupation YouTuber
Age 25 years old
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Born May 14, 1997
Birthday May 14
Town/City England
Country England
Nationality British

According to, He is one of the prominent YouTubers. He has come into the list of those popular people who were born on May 14, 1997. He is one of the richest YouTubers who was born in England. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in our database at the age of 25 years old.

Pyrocynical Physical Stats & Body Measurements

Not Much Known About his Body Measurements.

Pyrocynical Wife or Dating Life

Not Much Known About his Dating Life.

Pyrocynical Family Information

Not Much Known About his Family.

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Pyrocynical Fanmail Address


Pyrocynical Income

The actual income of growing continuously in 2021-22. So, how much is the income of Pyrocynical? What is the YouTuber Pyrocynical earnings per year, and how affluent is he at the age of twenty-five? We approximate Pyrocynical net income, cash, worth as per in 2021-22 given below:


Pyrocynical is an admirable YouTuber with a net income of $4 million at the age of twenty-five. The source of money seems to be mostly from being such a famous YouTuber. He is from England.

Pyrocynical Personal Profile:

  • Name: Pyrocynical
  • Date of Birth: May 14, 1997
  • Age: 25 years
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: British
  • Birth Place/City: England
  • Wife/Spouse- N/A
  • Profession: YouTuber

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Pyrocynical Contact Details


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7. PHONE NUMBER: +44 7700184796


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