Dream Interpretation of Woman

The meaning of the dream symbol: Woman

When you need someone to hug you close and offer you warmth, a lady is the one you turn to. When she’s not taking care of her family or her friends she’s spending time with her family or her best friends or even just hanging out with her best pal. There is nothing more gorgeous than a lady. Those guys who show respect for the women in their life are more likely to achieve great things.
Women in your dreams reflect your feminine attributes, particularly when they seem to be strangers. Even if you dream about a lady you know, it’s important to concentrate on your inner self if you’re dreaming of an unfamiliar woman. You, like a woman, want affection and tenderness to flourish and flourish. If you want to know what genuine love is, your conscience is urging you to seek out someone who can assist you do so.

New friendships may be on the horizon if you have a dream about being with a stranger. New relationships often begin with the appearance of a happy lady.

The inability to keep secrets is symbolized by the dream of a stranger lady. Many people think that women are lousy at keeping secrets. You may be afraid of being revealed or have a bad tendency of not maintaining secrets if you dream about a lady chatting to someone you know.


feminism, beauty, social circles, secrets, psychic skills, spiritual insight, friendship, and healing are all embodied in a woman’s body.

Dreaming about a weeping lady is a sign that you are dealing with depression in your waking life. Your conscience is weeping for you if you have nightmares in which a sorrowful or tearful lady is your bed partner.

A negative omen is indicated if you dream about murdering a lady. It seems as if you’re suffocating a lot of your sentiments.

Most Common Woman Dreams:

A dream of a seductive lady reveals your sexual desires. The inability to sexually express yourself is driving you crazy.

A dream in which you chase a lady is a symbol of your quest to discover who you are.

Being pursued by a frightened female – If you have such a dream, you’re attempting to avoid your duties in the real world.

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