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When compared to Oggy, Jack is the complete polar opposite. In addition to being a mechanic, he’s also quick-tempered, violent, focused, self-important, and occasionally lazy. Most of the time, he is preoccupied with getting rid of the Cockroaches or with anything selfish. Jack frequently constructs contraptions in an attempt to exterminate the Cockroaches or any other insect that frequents Oggy’s home and while he has had some success in the past, his schemes have failed more often than not.

Additionally, he occasionally abuses Oggy, either by moving him when he’s in front of the television, trying to beat Oggy in a race, or simply going nuts. Despite his wrath, he is likely the most straightforward target in the show, primarily because it causes him to become distracted from his primary goal of eliminating the Cockroaches.

When he isn’t preoccupied with putting a halt to the Cockroaches or acting in a malicious manner, Jack can be a lot of fun to watch. The “straight man” to Oggy and the roaches’ pranks is someone like him.

An olive-green cat with a pink tummy, white paws and feet, yellow freckles, a pointed tail, and hair coming out of his ears, he stands out from the rest of the cats in the litter. Vehicles A bright orange van, which Jack drives around in most of Drone Out of Control!, belongs to him. When Jack isn’t at work, he may be found driving his yellow safari jeep throughout the park.

A little green monster truck-looking jeep with flame paint jobs serves as his primary mode of transportation throughout the series. In The Pumpkin that Pretended to Be a Ferrari, he also had a Ferrari. Weaknesses Soon to be released. Relationships Oggy In numerous episodes, Jack appears to be Oggy’s sidekick. Even when Oggy is in danger, whether from cockroaches or being lost in space, Jack is almost always there to save him.

The episodes “Flower-Power” and “The Rise and the Fall” both demonstrate how Jack may be protective of Oggy. Oggy’s ego, on the other hand, can sometimes get the better of him, and he can sometimes become agitated, which generally results in Oggy making peace with the cockroaches in order to stop Jack and give him what he is due.

The fact that Oggy and Jack are cousins has been theorized about by many, but this has never been explicitly confirmed or even indicated in canon because Jack was engaged in a love relationship with Monica (Oggy’s twin sister).

In fact, cockroaches are Jack’s least favorite insects. When it comes to cockroaches, Oggy seems to have more favorable experiences than Jack does. No matter how innocent they appear to be, he is always on the lookout for bugs. This is especially evident in “Mayday! Mayday!” where, after conquering his seasickness, he promptly smashes Joey and Marky despite the fact that they did nothing wrong.

Beat  has been receiving pranks that are much more cruel and torturous than the ones he normally receives, which may explain why he is feeling so bad about himself. For Real! and Little Tom Oggy, Jack, on the other hand, befriends the Cockroaches in an attempt to locate Oggy, who is rumored to have gone missing

However, despite the fact that they both appear as prominent characters in the show, they are rarely seen together, even if their relationship appears to be positive in the majority of episodes. Season 3 episode Formula 1 does, however, feature them interacting with one another .

Bob, It is not always easy to tell how Jack and Bob are getting along. Generally speaking, Bob is irritated by Jack and beats him up on a regular basis. In other episodes, they do, however, behave as though they are buddies, as seen most prominently in Season 4. Monica A love interest for Jack is introduced in Season 2 and is named Monica. They are in love, but Jack has a difficult time expressing his feelings, primarily because of the antics of the Cockroaches.

Their relationship is far from perfect; as demonstrated in the television show “Sitcom,” they frequently disagree when Jack has had enough of her reckless nature, he decides to eat her wedding band, indicating that he no longer wishes to be married to her.

Origin                                                                                                        London,England
Genres                                                                                            Dubstep, electro house, deep house, fidget house
Years Active                                                                    2007 Present
Associated Acts                                                                                Not Known
Member                                                                                                4
Past Members                                                                                     Not Known
Labels                                                                                              Cheap Thrills Deconstruction Owsla Rinse Night Bass

Jack Beats  Contact Details

1. INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jackbeatsofficial/

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2. YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYjTgMnnCaE

This is a YouTube channel under which they updated their video clips. If anyone wants to see their uploads and videos, they can use the username link which is given above.

3. FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/jackbeatsmusic

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4. TWITTER:https://mobile.twitter.com/jackbeats

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