Is Olay Quench Body Lotion Discontinued?

It is correct that Olay Quench Body Lotion is no longer being produced; the statement is accurate. However, you shouldn’t be concerned because the product replacing it will be of equal quality. However, the new body lotion from Olay does not have the same scent as the older body lotion, even though it looks and feels very identical to the older body lotion. Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter Body Lotion is the brand name of this product.

Has the Olay Quench with shimmer formulation been taken off the market?

It’s been a while since I checked, but this product formerly contained shimmer before it was taken off the market. My favorite moisturizer was one that not only smelled clean and fresh but also had a faint sheen without being overpowering. Not only did it have these qualities, but it also had a delicate sheen.

Is Olay still producing their shimmer body lotion today?

The Shimmer Body Lotion from Olay Skincare is formulated to provide continuous hydration by including vitamin E, B3, and luminous minerals. Apply the lotion all over, from your hair down to your toes. You should wash your face to eliminate the excess oil, dirt, and makeup. Consider getting a scrub as well if you feel as though you are lacking in oomph.

Does Olay still have a lotion that you can use in the shower?

The combination of heat and moisture in the Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth with just one application, making it ideal for use in the shower. After just five days of consistent application, even dry skin can reap the benefits of improved hydration.

What sort of effects does the Olay Quench have on the skin?

With the prolonged application, you will notice an improvement in the elasticity and suppleness of your skin. After only one application, it provides hydration throughout the entire day. Just one week of consistently using the product will result in noticeable improvements to the smoothness and suppleness of your skin.

Does Olay have lotion?

On, you will have the option to purchase Olay products.

How can I get in touch with Olay?

Simply calling us at 1-800-285-5170 and speaking with a customer service representative will obtain the return authorization you need (if eligible).

Which product from Olay is ideal for use on mature skin?

Olay has developed a formula that is particularly high in vitamin content for aged skin to cater to the particular requirements of mature skin. The problems associated with menopause are the primary focus of this one-of-a-kind formulation, which is packed with vitamins and moisturizers.

Which Olay product is ideal for someone over the age of 50?

We recommend using Olay Regenerist SPF Whip 30 to shield your skin from the sun’s potentially damaging rays.

What is the proper way to apply Olay’s shower lotion?

The Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter In-Shower Body Lotion is an excellent product to use if you want to maintain the moisture level of your skin while you are washing your body. Apply this in-shower lotion all over your body once you’ve finished washing it, and then rinse it off when you’re finished. The combination of the warm water and the humidity in your shower will leave your skin feeling as soft as silk after just one usage, thanks to how they work together.

How should you use Nivea’s body lotion after showering?

It is possible to use the NIVEA in shower body lotion on wet skin while you are still in the shower and then rinse it off after using your regular shower product. After each use, rinsing the bathtub or shower with hot water can assist in eliminating any residue that may have been left behind and prevent you from falling.



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