Is G40 Coolant The Same As G13?

There is no difference between the G40 coolant and the G13 coolant. You can switch between the two at any time while driving your vehicle. It is vital to remember that many things are offered under both names; therefore, it is up to you to check with the manufacturer whether a product is compatible with your engine. It is also important to keep in mind that many products are marketed under both names.

What would other coolant be comparable to G13?

Glycerin is utilized in the manufacturing process of the G13, resulting in an end product with the same high levels of cooling and antifreeze performance as the G12++.

Which automobiles make use of G40 coolant?

As a consequence of this, it has been demonstrated that the use of Zerex G40 Antifreeze/Coolant can lengthen the lifespan of automobile engines. This premium carboxylate formulation is highly recommended by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and some older Audi and Volvo cars.

What does the acronym G40 represent for the coolant?

Ethylene glycol is incorporated into the GLYSANTIN® G40® formulation in its capacity as a concentrated engine coolant. The product’s fundamental components include the organic acid salts and silicates that make up the GLYSANTIN® G40® corrosion inhibitor package (Si-OAT coolant). The GlySANTIN® G40® formulation does not contain any nitrites, ammonia, phosphorus, or borate.

What kind of coolant can I use in my Volkswagen?

It is highly suggested that you only use antifreeze that has been approved by Audi or VW and has the G13 or G12 designation. The antifreeze you buy at the store may contain chemicals harmful to the gaskets and other components that make up your vehicle’s cooling system.

Is G40 considered an OAT?

The ZEREX G40 employs a technology known as si-organic acid technology (Si-OAT), which is devoid of phosphate, nitrite, and amine, to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring in the cooling system.

What exactly is the distinction between the pink and the blue coolant?

Do not combine the two colors because pink has a longer shelf life. (5 years) Since combining blue and pink is ineffective, your longevity will remain unchanged at two years, even though pink has the potential to increase it. Simply remove all the coolant, as the price of 5 liters of pink premix is approximately 12 dollars.

How do you dilute G40 coolant?

We suggest diluting GLYSANTIN® concentrate products with water at 50 percent to 50 percent water to get the best possible protection against corrosion, overheating, and frost.

What is xstream G40?

Comma Xstream G40 Concentrate is an antifreeze coolant that is highly concentrated and contains Si-OAT (Silicated Organic Additive Technology) inhibitors. The product has a service life of up to five years and offers protection against freezing, corrosion, and overheating.

Is it possible for me to use G30 coolant in place of G12?

Even though a different manufacturer than Pentosin produces the “G30” product, it is compatible with the “G12” product and can be blended without any issues.

What kind of antifreeze does BMW use in its vehicles?

Whether you drive a BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or Volkswagen, your vehicle utilizes a HOAT coolant. OAT coolants have silicate added to them to protect aluminum from its surfaces.


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