How To Turn On Awd In Chevy Traverse

The all-wheel drive technology that comes standard on your Chevy Traverse is remarkably simple to engage. This is how you can go about doing it:

In addition, driving with the all-wheel drive system can wreak havoc on the car, so check the weather forecast to ensure it’s bad enough before you engage the system.

Start the car and put it in the parking position.

  • Start the car and put it in the parking position.
  • On most vehicles, the button that activates all-wheel drive can be found on the dashboard.

To activate all-wheel drive, press the button depicting a car adjacent to an AWD emblem.

To activate all-wheel drive, hit the button depicted as an AWD symbol next to an image of an automobile.

You can get to the button by reaching through the climate controls and hitting the button below the knob that controls the fan speed. The button is also found on the center console of your vehicle.

If this button is not present on the center console of your car, you may be able to locate it in one of the following three additional locations:

  • Place your left hand on the steering wheel’s left side (if equipped)
  • To the right of the wheel that you are steering with (if equipped)
  • In the space between the two pedals

To stay safe when driving, you must pay attention to the environment and the weather.

  • Be conscious of your environment:Before you go behind the wheel, be sure that you are aware of everything that is going on around you. Check out the forecast to see if it’s feasible to get behind the wheel under the current conditions.
  • Be mindful of your speed. If there are other vehicles in the area, make sure that they are not getting too near for comfort, and make sure that no youngsters are dashing across the street without first looking.
  • Keep a safe space between your car and other traffic: On the road, you shouldn’t get too far ahead of or behind everyone else; if something happens in advance (like someone slamming on their brakes), those cars will come to a stop extremely rapidly.
  • Take note of where you are on the road at all times: Make sure that the location you’re driving in is appropriate for the number of people riding with you in the car. If only two people are riding with me, but there’s an empty seat back there, then I’ll probably put my seatbelt on before driving off into traffic because otherwise, I wouldn’t feel safe enough with only one person belted up instead of both of us. Make sure that your driving location is appropriate for the number of people riding with you in the car.


On the road, being aware of your surroundings and current weather is the most effective way to protect yourself from any dangers. Turning on the all-wheel drive system can boost traction and help you avoid skidding if you are driving in conditions where it is wet or slippery outside. If you are interested in learning more about how all-wheel drive (AWD) operates with your car, you should contact a Chevrolet dealership in your area.


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