12 things he will do if he truely loves you

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It’s dating period, so you’re confused between choosing partners. Perhaps your relationship is new, or you’re afraid to make mistakes or even end up with a wrong partner.

If you don’t know how a man feels about you, you may be driven insane as a woman. It’s even worse when the guy gives mixed feelings by being so in you today and getting away a few days later.

That’s why most ladies don’t put too much energy into their relationships so that they won’t get hurt later. To help you conquer this kind of feeling and stop wondering, we’re going to discuss the true signs that he loves you deeply.

When reviewing relationships, I try to begin with the person in the mirror who happens to be reading this post before looking at your partner.

Let’s say yours is a new relationship, I hope you’re still in contact with friends and family, and you haven’t been taken over by a new guy in your life? What about the goals and interests of your life, are you working on achieving them? I hope you’re still enjoying time with yourself, too?

Although falling in love is one of the best things that might happen to you, you shouldn’t think about yourself. Make sure you’re whole and have good self-esteem before you worry about how someone thinks about you. Love yourself and trust you.

Next, is there still a list of what you want in a relationship?

Which kind of guy would you like?

What are your weaknesses?

Mind you, you may be profoundly in love with a man in your life, but if you haven’t dealt with and settled some of the problems in your life, heartbreak may be inevitable. It’s also said that you’re connected to who you are, if you want to attract diamonds, be one.

You know the true signs that he loves you, you should know what true love really is. Loving is a practice, you can say something but that’s what counts. This is the starting point, this should be your measuring device to test whether he really loves me or uses me?

Let’s go a bit deeper, how do you know if a guy is a loser, or if he is using you? As ladies, we don’t need any kind of men in our lives, even losers and users.

How to tell you that you are with a loser:

1. He’s going to lie about basic things he’s meant to come clean about.
2. He doesn’t carry anything to the table because he has no means of survival and doesn’t make any attempt to do so.
3. He’s got kids with different women.
4. He’s hooked on narcotics.
5. Sometimes he steals from you.
6. He will treat you badly.
7. He hides you and lies to people about your relationship.
8. He disrespects you.

Sometimes, ask yourself a few important questions:

What contribution did your man make to your life?

You know, some guys are smart and they know what they’re doing when it comes to being users because they’re talented in the craft.

If your man is someone who doesn’t bring something to the table or even makes investments in your life, no matter how small, or if you find yourself overburdened with obligations, sister, you have to watch it closely.

Is he going to borrow from you and never give it back? Will he say he loves and wants to marry you but does nothing about his commitments and then tells you to go ahead with all the arrangements, I ‘m sorry, you ‘re being played.

Are you the one in control of him? Should you bust your butt to meet his desires, and yet he has nothing to give you? He might even make assurances that he never keeps planning to marry you, but he keeps making reasons about why you should keep waiting.

This doesn’t only happen in dating relationships, but also in marriage relationships. You catch yourself doing so much when your husband does the barest minimum (that’s another case if he’s making an effort and it doesn’t add up) so if he doesn’t make any effort at all or if he’s searching for loopholes to do it, then you just need to be careful.

Most of the time, your guts even warn you, but you keep silencing it with the sweet stuff that whispers in your ears when you’re together. It’s common for ladies in love to make excuses for men in their lives, but don’t use them. If your man shows a few of the signs outlined above, just know that he’s with you to get what he wants.

Don’t permit a man to manipulate and control you, if your guts tell you anything, please listen to it, because most of the time, it’s hardly ever going to go wrong. In most situations, guys thrive on being innocent and use it as an asset to take advantage of you. Users come in a number of types. He could use you to fulfill his desire, his monetary needs, or even his social status.

The following are some of the true signs that show that the man truly loves his women:

1. He Will Pursue You:

Men are natural hunters, and one of the signs (not the surest anyway) that he loves you is that he will chase you. Don’t misinterpret him not chasing you to mean he’s shy, no, if a man wants a woman, he’s going all out for her.

Many of the ladies ignore this sign and start chasing the guy instead of being the other way round. If he can’t approach you directly, there are other means that he can use, call, or email you. He’s going to make every effort to get you.

When you find that he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, wait for a little while and make your decision. A man in love is going to aggressively pursue his woman.

I know the ladies who started their relationships by being the ones who called, emailed, and set updates, and then they started complaining about how uncaring their men had become. I reminded them of how they took on the roles of men at the beginning of the relationship. Enable the men to do their job while you’re doing yours, it’s not in your job description to chase a guy, let him do it.

2. He Will Always Appreciate You:

Men and women will have their differences, and they will still be somewhat enigmatic to each other. Yet, as far as relations are concerned, some things are pretty easy. Nearly everybody appreciates a partner who is honest and trustworthy. Women like a man who treats them with respect.

A real man really appreciates your qualities and the work you put into the relationship and to do something about it. While men are often seen complimenting women on their beauty and physical appearance, the man who loves you will not really praise you. Actually, he’s going to appreciate you to encourage you. He will always praise you, not only for doing so but because he respects your weaknesses. He knows that you are a wonderful person, so he will always let you know through appreciation.

3. His Words Will Match His Actions:

Most of the time, some people say “I love you” a few times; it’s just a phrase to them without any sense attached to it. Love is practice, and it takes effort. If your man says he loves you but doesn’t do anything about it, then I’m afraid it’s fake. If you just have to sit back to think that if your man loves you, there’s a question. Love doesn’t hurt, nor does it cheat.

It’s not surprising that men lie about loving us just to get into your skirts sometimes. What are the real signs he loves you? The only absolute reality is that he’s going to do as he says. He may not be able to sing it in your mind, but his acts do demonstrate affection.

4. Your Life Will Get Better:

Surely, an addition to your life is meant to spice up things for you. True love is not going to make you lose your sleep. You’re at a loss when you don’t find true love – you lose confidence, the ability to be yourself, friends and family, and even the ability to think clearly.

True love is intended to give your life a whole new meaning and make things happen to you. Your guy is going to respect your needs and obligations. He’s going to help you pursue your goals by being a driving force that helps you to accomplish something. He’s going to trust and help your life goals.

He will not be going to be jealous of your success, instead, he will be going to be happy and want to see you do more. If you find that you’ve lost a family, some important relationships, stuff, and even time because you’re in a relationship with a man, you really need to test that relationship.

Being in love can make you oblivious to certain red flags, and it can also make you have explanations and excuses for missing those things while keeping a close eye on them. A man in love is going to want to help you grow extended relationships, it’s not just about the two of you, after all, you’re just like his part of an extended body.

He will not be going to play games with your mind by making you think whether he’s for real or not, it’s going to be vibrant and simple. He will not make you feel guilty by saying one thing and doing another, making promises that he can keep, and not making you feel bad about yourself. It is one of the real indicators that he loves you.

5. He Will Be Completely Vulnerable With You:

Things can be a little complicated at the beginning of almost every relationship, particularly because everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. Some good men are going through while others are going back on their words after a while, which is why I advise the ladies to regulate their emotions at the beginning of the relationship.

If you love a guy, don’t give in to get down with him too soon, hang on and let him wait, let him earn it by waiting. Some of the people are in it for a trip, and they’re going to walk away after a couple of days or even weeks. Let your guy prove himself, if he loves you, he’ll wait for you.

One of the real signs he loves you is that he’s going to share himself with you. There won’t be any places to go when it comes to two of you. There will be no limits at all. He will show his true self, and there will be nothing short of utter love.

6. He Verbalizes How He Feels About You:

One of the real signs he loves you is that he will be going to tell you how much he loves you, how he’s been dreaming about you, how he needs you, and how he can’t wait to be with you. When he says all of the above but behaves differently, he just knows he’s not real.

For example, if he goes for days without calling you, disappears on you or is always in a rush to get off the phone or even leave while you’re together on a date, he might lie to you even though he says he loves you.

Men communicate with actions more than words. He ‘d ask for a text message even when he’s at work, what can he do for me? His belief in relationships was to give 100 percent when he had the ability to do so, because every day is not always going to be the same.

7. You Will Connect On A Deeper Level:

He will be going to be your best friend. You’re going to tell jokes, have pet names for each other, laugh loudly together. You ‘re going to enjoy each other’s company. You ‘re going to be honest when you’re together. He’s going to try chances to treat you politely either by giving you a massage, rubbing your head, leaning on his back, or even playing fun games with you.

He will not want to miss the chance to get near and acquainted with you. He’ll be happy to be with you, even though you’re together, he’ll start making plans for your next trip and look forward to being with you again.

8. He Will Remembers Things You Have Shared With Him About Yourself:

Imagine you’re going to ask your guy how old you are or any very important details of your life? A man who loves you will remember the details you shared with him. He may not be able to repeat them word by word, but he can recall the global meaning. A man in love is going to hold you in his heart, and seeing people or even places is going to remind him of you.

And when he thinks about you, he’s going to keep recalling those details. The object of a man’s affection is never forgotten, this is one of the true signs that he truly loves you. When you have to keep reminding your man of any important information or keep talking through other things in your life that you’ve shared with him, otherwise his eyes might be elsewhere.

9. He Will Show You Off:

You will not be going to be a mystery to family and friends. He will go to make you reach them. His family will not only know you, but they will also know personal information about you and incorporate you into the family long before you tie the knot (by which I mean they will begin to include you in family events and outings).

If a man loves a woman, he talks about her, and when he does, family and friends get to know her. If you’re never going to meet his family and friends, maybe someone else is in the picture, or he doesn’t love you enough for a long time.

In love, there is no holdback, one of the real signs he loves you is that he will always talk about you and praise you with family and friends.

10. He Will Asks For Your Inputs:

Once it comes to critical decision making, he will want to know how you feel about whatever decision he ‘s taking, and he’s also going to want your feedback.

I remember being with a guy who loves to give me some surprises. Sadly, they weren’t good surprises at all, but at the end of the day, they just ruined it.

He will always have plans and carry them out, and then when they fail (in fact they always do) he comes back to tell me what his plans were and how he wanted to impress me with his performance (actually). It is where the ladies do need to be vigilant. You think he’s in love with you when he comes up with his issues, but it’s not true in all situations. Some men enjoy making the most of simple and good women.

Kindly, ladies, know where to strike the balance, a man who loves you would ask for your opinion on the issues and respect those inputs. He may not always take advice from you, but he will show that he values them.

Relationships are supposed to be partnerships. You will both invest and pour into each other’s dreams, ambitions, and see where you fit into each other’s lives. If he is in for a long time, he will respect your opinion and show his love for you; a real part of the real signs that he loves you.

11. He Will Want To Know You Better:

Some of the real signs he loves you are that he’s going to be inquisitive and want to hear more about you. Don’t get it twisted because he’s always asking questions. He’s interested in finding out more about you. Knowing these details will help him get involved in all that’s going on in your life.

And when he contacts, he will always want to know what went down during your time at work. He just needs to learn the specifics of the happenings around you.

12. He Will Be Trustworthy:

One of the real signs he loves you is that he would be honest and trustworthy. He’s going to prove his loyalty to you, and you can trust him, too. A good guy has been in for a long time. He’s not going to try to hurt you and he’s going to be open to you.

Some more signs to know if the men truly love his women: He will always respect you, your values and your choices, he will encourage you to be your own, he will not make unreasonable demands on you, he will want to see you do well and be good to you. He will be going to send you things and just want to see you happy.