8 Proven Tips On How To Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number

how to ask girl for her phone number

You meet a beautiful lady, want to start a conversation with her. You’re so inside her, feeling her vibes and all that and wanting to get to know her better, you’re ready to get her number by the time the conversation finishes, just don’t know how to go about it, don’t worry bro, I’ve got your back.

You’re probably the nervous guy like my friend Varun, or you’re uncomfortable in the presence of girls, no need to rack your nerves about it below is a tested solution to “asking a girl for her telephone number.”

1. Never go and ask her number straight up

Never, I repeat, never go ask a girl for her number clearly. This guidance is essential, a simple “can I get your number? “May mess up the chances of obtaining her number.

Studies show that “asking” approval reduces attraction, and eventually makes you look bad. Instantly send a message of helplessness and need for validation when you address her with the simple “can I’ or “do you mind.”

The inference after that is that it sets a clear path for her refusal to ask for permission, it gives her an advantage and makes it so easier to answer your question with a “NO.

“So instead, tell her, “I’d like to see you again, give me your number and I’ll call you.” She’d probably give you a “YES.”

2. Wait for the right moment

This is the most nerve-wracking phase for most guys to ask for a girl’s phone number.

At the end of the conversation, most likely think it’s best to throw the issue, trust me it’s the worst time.

The best time to ask a girl for her number is at the height of your chat, and immediately after that, it shows you’re really interested in the conversation.

On the other hand, if you ask before the conversation, she will definitely say no, as it would look like you just want to take benefit of her, and if you request right after the conversation, it would be too obvious you just wanted her number or maybe score a point.

3. Get to know her

If you have seen her before, or if she’s living in the area, this is best applied.

Take your time, get to know, engage in casual conversations and talks, when you ask for her number, that makes it much easier.

On the other side, if she doesn’t know you and you just walk up to her and ask for her number she might feel that you’re a ladies man who just wants to take advantage of her.

Knowing her goes a long way toward encouraging the prospect of a potential relationship. Even before asking her phone number, you could learn quite a lot about her.

4. Be prepared for her questions on the rebound

As soon as you ask her for her number, expect her to ask you why you want it?

Your response goes along to decide whether or not she will finally give you the number.

It’s a big turn-off, don’t go to the easy “To talk to you, of course.

” Really get imaginative with a reply like, “I’ve got some funny memes I want us to talk about.

5. Do not linger

Okay, you’ve asked her and she’s turning you down, it’s necessary not to push her or be too aggressive as this will make your chances of having her number even worse.

That she said no today doesn’t mean she’ll never say no, walk away and try your luck another day.





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