Are There Alligators In Lake Nottely?

Lake Nottely, located in Georgia and renowned for its outstanding fishing, receives fish stockings from the state. According to DNR information, a breeding site for alligators can be found south of the fall line.

Do you have the ability to swim in Lake Nottely?

The Finest Spots to Cool Off in the Water

In addition to being a fantastic spot for boating, Lake Nottely is also a wonderful area to go swimming. Because the water is deep, you can drop the anchor close to the dam and swim to shore.

Is it true that there are alligators in the lakes of north Georgia?

In North Georgia, alligators are not a normal part of the ecosystem. Even though the reptile is present in the popular lake, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources does not intend to remove it from the water.

Are alligators found in the northern part of Georgia?

Alligators can be found in Texas down to the southern point of the state. The majority of sightings of them are made south of the fall line, in the southeastern portion of the state (which roughly traverses the cities of Columbus, Macon, and Augusta).

Can you tell me about the fish that live in Lake Nottely?

This is Lake Nottely.


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