Does 7 Eleven Sell Coolant?

Coolant is available for purchase at 7-Eleven, but it is not the same kind sold at gas stations.

Antifreeze is something that can probably be purchased at 7-Eleven in your neighborhood, but it is not something that you should put in your vehicle’s water pump. Antifreeze is designed to be compatible with engine coolants, typically composed of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. This is why it is effective at preventing freezing in engines. Using either of these compounds as a solvent carries the risk of causing long-term damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Does 7-Eleven have pods for its coffee?

Exclusive Blend, 100% Colombian, and seasonal Pumpkin Spice are three of the eight flavors of coffee pods that can be purchased at participating 7-Eleven stores. A pack of eight Exclusive Blend or Pumpkin Spice pods costs $3.99, while a pack of two Exclusive Blend or Pumpkin Spice pods costs 99 cents each.

Does 7-Eleven still offer a free drink for every seven you buy?

We have decided to discontinue the “Buy 6, Get the 7th Free” cup promotion as of June 1 to maintain our ability to provide you with these discounts on coffee and fountain drinks. In the current economic climate, every penny counts, and we feel these new bargains will give you more value than ever.

What does the number 711 refer to?

In 1946, the name of the stores was changed to “7-Eleven” to underline that they were open from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night, seven days a week. In the late 1950s, Southland began establishing 7-Eleven locations outside of Texas, specifically on the East Coast. This marked the beginning of the company’s expansion beyond the state of Texas.

Is it the day that you get a free Slurpee?

It is the 95th birthday of the world’s largest convenience store company on July 11, also known as Slurpee Day or Free Slurpee Day.


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