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Alexandra Meissnitzer Phone Number, House Address, Email, Biography, Wiki, Whatsapp, and Contact Information

Alexandra Meissnitzer born June 18, 1973, is an Austrian alpine ski racer who competed on the World Cup circuit. Her specializations were in the downhill, super-G, and giant slalom disciplines, all of which she competed in. Her father, Hans Meissnitzer, who is a mechanic by trade and is from Abtenau, Salzburg, was the one who taught her to ski at a young age.

Meissnitzer won the silver medal in the giant slalom and the bronze medal in the super-G at the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998, and then repeated the feat at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, taking home the bronze medal in the same event.

Then won the overall World Cup in 1999, and she went on to win the World Cups in super-G and giant slalom the following year, all in tHe had talked with the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, who had invaded the Bijapur Sultanate and had negotiated with the dinates of Bijapur before his death in 1526. However, the Bijapur government was skeptical of Shivaji’s claims of being a faithful servant of the city.

Because it was preoccupied with dealing with the Mughal invasion, internal faction politics, and a succession struggle, the Bijapur administration had been unable to take any action against Shivaji throughout much of the 1650s. Following the signing of a peace treaty with the Mughals and the widespread acceptance of Ali Adil Shah II as king, the government of Bijapur became more stable and turned its focus to Shivaji’s affairs.

The de facto ruler since his father’s illness in the mid-1640s, Ali Adil Shah II was a minor whose mother had been in charge since the mid-1640s. Probably his mother made the decision to send Afzal Khan to battle Shivaji in the first place. [8] According to an English letter written by factor Henry Revington to the East India Company on December 10, 1659, the queen instructed Afzal Khan to pretend friendship with Shivaji because military strength alone would not be sufficient to destroy Shivaji and his forces.

Upon his victory of Javli, Shivaji was supposedly in command of 60,000 troops.  However, Afzal Khan’s army consisted of 10,000 troops, which included infantry and cavalry. Both the English letter “A” and Tarikh-i-Ali are used to support this number.

Nicholas Gier asserts that Maratha sources inflate the strength of Afzal Khan’s forces in order to exalt Shivaji’s victory, claiming that Afzal Khan’s forces numbered as much as 35,000 infantry, 12,000 cavalry, and 500 cannons at the time of Shivaji’s victory.

According to the Chitnis Bakhar, Afzal Khan’s army had a total strength of 30,000 troops, whereas Sabhasad claims that it had 12,000 cavalry and extra infantry in addition to that amount. According to the Shivaji-Pratap, Rairi Bakhar, 91 Qalami Bakhar, and Tarikh-i-Shivaji, Afzal Khan’s army had a total strength of 20,000 soldiers.

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Temples were desecrated. In contrast to Shivaji, Afzal Khan was a Muslim, much as the ruler of Bijapur was. When Afzal Khan’s army marched out of the city, various ominous omens, such as meteorite showers and thunderbolts falling from the clear sky, were recorded in the Shiva-Bharata (1674), which was written under Shivaji’s sponsorship.

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Tuljapur and Pandharpur were desecrated by Afzal Khan, according to Sabhasad, who also verifies the narrative of this. According to the Chitnis Bakhar and Shiva Digvijaya, the idols in Tuljapur and Pandharpur were taken before Afzal Khan had the opportunity to destroy them.

Afzal Khan is not mentioned in any of the contemporaneous English letters of the East India Company, the Dutch East India Company’s Dagh-register, or the Portuguese records for defiling temples.  Afzal Khan ultimately set up camp in Wai, a town that he had previously ruled in his younger years. 8 Shivaji had moved into the newly fortified Pratapgad, and Afzal Khan’s devastation of Hindu temples was most likely intended to provoke Shivaji into abandoning the shelter of the fortifications.

Afzal Khan’s actions alienated the local Hindu leader Rangrao Patil, who may have supplied local support to Afzal Khan if he had not taken such acts. Because Afzal Khan had previously managed the Wai region and was well acquainted with the area, he assumed that he did not require such local backing in this instance as well.

Popular As Alexandra Meissnitzer
Occupation Olympic athlete
Age 48 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Born 18 June 1973
Birthday 18 June 1973
Town/City Abtenau
Country Abtenau
Nationality American

According to, She is one of the prominent Olympic athletes. She has come into the list of those popular people who were born on 18 June 1973. She is one of the Richest Olympic athlete who was born in America. She is one of the most popular Olympic athletes in our database at the age of 48 years old.

Alexandra Meissnitzer Physical Stats & Body Measurements

Not Much Known About her Body Measurements.

Alexandra Meissnitzer Boyfriend or Dating Life

Not Much Known About her Dating Life.

Alexandra Meissnitzer Family Information

Not Much Known About her Family.

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Alexandra Meissnitzer Fanmail Address

Alexandra Meissnitzer
Lindenthal 68
5441 Abtenau

Alexandra Meissnitzer Income

The actual income of grows continuously from 2021-to 22. So, how much is their income from Alexandra Meissnitzer’s? What is the Olympic athlete  Alexandra Meissnitzer’s earnings per year, and how affluent is he at the age of forty-eight? We approximate Alexandra Meissnitzer’s net income, cash, and worth as per in 2021-22 given below:


Alexandra Meissnitzer is an admirable Olympic athlete with a net income of $2  million at the age of forty-eight. The source of money seems to be mostly from being such a famous Olympic athlete. She’s from the United States.

Alexandra Meissnitzer Personal Profile:

  • Name: Alexandra Meissnitzer
  • Date of Birth:18 June 1973
  • Age: 48years
  • Birth Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place/City: Abtenau
  • Husband- N/A
  • Profession: Olympic athlete

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Alexandra Meissnitzer Contact Details


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