Does Dollar General Have Bathrooms?

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Do Dollar Generals have a public restroom?

Customers are often allowed to use the toilets that are located in the public areas of our establishments. At the time of the occurrence, there was a repair order already in place for the commode that was located in our women’s toilet. We were unable to allow her inside the women’s bathroom since doing so might compromise her safety.

Does CVS usually have bathrooms?

Bathrooms are available at each of CVS’s 9,600 stores. Because they are kept in such good condition and are constantly clean, both customers and others who are not yet customers are free to use them anytime they like. If all else fails, you may always inquire with a member of the CVS staff about whether or not the stall door is secured.

Does Dollar General have its brand?

The following is a list of some of the private label products that we produce ourselves: Clover Valley®, real living®, DG Home®, DG baby®, DG Health®, DG Office®, Comfort Bay®, Bobbie Brooks®, Smart and Simple®, EverPet®, Forever Pals®, and many more.

Does Dollar General offer rainchecks?

I was wondering whether Dollar General has the option of getting a rain check. There is no provision for a rain check if a product is momentarily unavailable due to low stock levels.

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