How To Connect AirPods When The Case Is Dead?

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Rather than going into depth on the subject at first, I like to start with a straightforward response so that I can eliminate any element of suspense.

It is possible to connect your AirPods with a variety of cases, and it is also feasible to charge your AirPods even if the case they came in has been depleted of their battery life.

In this post, we made an effort to provide answers to some of the most often asked topics that are on the minds of the majority of AirPods users.

How to connect Air Pods with different Case

According to the official blog Apple, the company declared that the Case is only capable of charging a single device at a time, so it should not be an issue even if you lose or damage your case. The process of connecting your AirPods to a variety of various cases is a straightforward one. First things first, you have to put the AirPods in the case and then press and hold the button on the case until it resets itself. After that, synchronize your device with the case, and in only those two steps, you will be able to successfully use your pods with a different case.
You may get a different case for your device rather simply from the Apple store, where the price is also quite reasonable. When I checked it a few moments ago, it was close to $70.

How to connect AirPods if Case is Dead

Now, the issue of whether AirPods can be linked if their case is dead is the second most popular one. Pods can be linked, but this is only feasible if the AirPods themselves are capable of being charged or if you have successfully connected or paired with the device in the past.

Unfortunately, if you purchase a new device, you will not be able to connect with new devices until your case has been charged.

  1. Proceed to the main screen of the iPhone Device.
  2. Keep the pods near the device; nevertheless, it is recommended that you leave them in the case.
  3. To connect, press the button labeled Connect.
  4. After that, the procedure is really easy, and you will be instructed step by step through the setup process. If you are using Airpods Pro, you will first need to configure Siri on your mobile device before using them.
  5. The popup with the phrase “DONE” will show after the procedure has been completed successfully.
  6. If you already have an iCloud account, your Air Pods will be immediately configured on any device that can handle them.

Can you use AirPods if the case dies?

Yes, even if the case stops working, you can keep using your AirPods indefinitely. You can use your AirPods even if you don’t have the cause installed on your device. However, bear in mind that the batteries that are contained inside the AirPods will run out of juice at some point. When this occurs, you will need to place the items back inside the case before you can charge them.

How do I reconnect AirPods to the charging case?

It is necessary to go to the Settings menu on your phone to connect your AirPods to the charging case. Following that, go to Bluetooth and then select the information button that is located next to the AirPods. Next, choose to Forget this device from the drop-down menu, and you should be ready to go.

How long do dead AirPods take to charge?

My own experience has shown that the charging time for the AirPods is not very lengthy. It may take up to half an hour for your AirPods to reach their maximum charging potential. The real case may need an even longer period to charge completely. In any case, you won’t need to wait very long at all.

How many years does AirPods last?

AirPods typically have a lifespan of around two years and even longer. However, this is contingent on how you make use of them and maintain them. You shouldn’t expect your AirPods or even your AirPod Pro to live very long if you don’t take the necessary steps to properly care for them.

How do you charge an Airpod without a case?

If you remove the case from your AirPods, you won’t be able to charge them. If you have misplaced the case that goes with your AirPods, you will need to purchase a new one.

How do I pair my AirPods?

The process of pairing your AirPods is really simple. To connect your AirPods, you will first need to check that your device’s Bluetooth functionality is active. The next step is to place the AirPods back into their case and then secure the top of the case. After that, you should lift the cover. The next step is to locate the setup button on the back of the case, press and hold it, and then go to the next step. After then, the status light will begin flashing and will eventually become white. Your other Bluetooth devices should now display your AirPods when you search for them.

Does my Airpod case need to be charged for AirPods to work?

No, the case for your AirPods does not need to be charged for you to use your AirPods. Your AirPods will continue to function so long as they are charged and have a source of power.

How do I factory reset my AirPods?

You will need to press and hold the setup button on your AirPods for at least 15 seconds to do a factory reset on your headphones. When you continue to press the button, the status light on the device should flash amber a few times before becoming white. When that occurs, you will know that you have successfully reset your AirPods to factory settings.

What do I do if my AirPods won’t reset?

If your AirPods won’t reset themselves, then it’s possible that they are broken or even just filthy. If none of the things you attempt work, then you can always take them to an Apple Store and see if they can be repaired there. Additionally, it is quite likely that it will be more beneficial to just get new ones.

Why are my AirPods flashing white but not connecting?

White will appear on the status light of your AirPods after you have successfully reset them. You will, however, need to access the Bluetooth settings on your device and make an attempt to reconnect your AirPods.

Can you overcharge AirPods?

You will not be able to overcharge your AirPods, that much is certain. When the battery life reaches one hundred percent, the device has been charged to its maximum capacity. Even if you continue to keep it in the case or have it plugged in, it will not have any effect on your AirPods.

Can you charge AirPods wirelessly?

Your AirPods do not support wireless charging at this time. You will need to put your AirPods back into their case before you can charge them.

Are AirPods waterproof?

No, the AirPods are not resistant to water. You run the danger of irreparably harming them if you put them in water after dropping them. If you do want to take a shower with your AirPods or swim while wearing them, this is something important to bear in mind.

Do AirPods drain your phone battery?

It is possible that using AirPods may cause your phone’s battery to deplete more quickly. When you use Bluetooth, the battery life of your phone will gradually decrease as a result.

Is it OK to leave AirPods charging overnight?

If you would want to keep your AirPods charging overnight, it is absolutely something that you are able to do.

How do I find my lost AirPod case?

Using “Find My iPhone,” you will be able to locate your misplaced AirPods case. You will get an unobstructed view of all of the associated devices. If the status indicator is green, it signifies that your AirPods are in the immediate vicinity.

Can you reset AirPods without the case?

No, it is not possible to reset your AirPods without the case; in order to return AirPods to their factory settings, you require the case.

What do I do if AirPod isn’t working?

If you’re having trouble with your AirPods, you may want to check the batteries first. Additionally, it’s possible that the AirPods need to be cleaned, checked to ensure that they’re linked to your iPhone, or even reset all the way back to the factory settings.

Can you track AirPods if they were reset?

Unfortunately, after you have factory reset your AirPods, you will no longer be able to track them.

Can you wear just one AirPod?

If you simply want to use one of your AirPods, it is absolutely something you are able to accomplish. It will still function normally.

Should I put my AirPods in the case every time?

Absolutely, you are able to store your AirPods in their case at all times. When you’re not using your AirPods, it’s ideal to store them in their case so that they can charge while you’re not using them.

How do you clean AirPods?

You may disinfect your AirPods by wiping them down with a cloth that has been dipped in water. When trying to clean your AirPods, do it with extreme caution.

Can I shower with AirPods 2?

It is strongly recommended that you do not wear your AirPods 2 in the shower or while you are in water. If you proceed in this manner, there is a chance that you may end up causing them harm.

Can I use AirPods in the shower?

In spite of the risk of getting their AirPods wet, some users continue to use them when they are showering. On the other hand, if they come out of your ears and land in the water, they are at risk of being destroyed and may no longer function as well as they did before. AirPods aren’t waterproof.

Do AirPods lose battery when in case?

It is not the case that the AirPods will lose battery life when they are placed in a case with electricity; rather, the case will cause the AirPods to charge. On the other hand, even if you aren’t using your AirPods, the Bluetooth connection will still drain the power, thus the battery will ultimately expire even when you aren’t using them.

Why is my AirPod case dying so quickly?

If the lithium-ion battery in your AirPod case runs out of power unexpectedly rapidly, the problem is probably caused by the fact that the capacity of the battery has decreased from what it formerly was.

Why do my AirPods only last 1 hour?

The battery life of your AirPods has dropped, which is the reason why they only last for an hour. As a result, they do not provide you with the same amount of usage time as they did in the past. The quality of lithium-ion batteries will decline over time.

Does Find My iPhone track the AirPods case?

No, the AirPod cover is not one of the items that can be located using find my iPhone; the app only locates the AirPods itself.

How long does it take for AirPods to charge from 0 to 100?

To fully charge the AirPods from zero to one hundred will take anything from twenty to thirty minutes.

How do I know my AirPods case is charging?

If you notice an amber light, it means that the case for your AirPods headphones is currently charging.


What is the battery life of AirPods 2?

You can get around 5 hours of listening time out of a fully charged pair of AirPods 2, in addition to 3 hours of speaking time. Therefore, the battery life of the AirPods 2 might potentially last for a whole day, depending on how you use them.

What happens if you mix up AirPods?

If you share your AirPods with another person, you will get a notification informing you that there is a mismatch between the two sets of headphones.

Can Apple track stolen AirPods by serial number?

Unfortunately, Apple is unable to locate lost or stolen AirPods by using the serial number.

Can someone track AirPods I found?

If you discovered someone else’s AirPods, it would be feasible for that person to track it if they used it. Unless you decide to start again with them or they perish.

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