March 7, 2021

Meet Marmande’s Samy Jebari, YouTube latest singing sensation!

Samy Jebari is the guy of the moment. At the tail end of last year, he sold a lot of singles of song ‘See You Again’ in the platform Spotify with a sultry PoP-influence pop tune.

He also had a youtube channel where he puts his creative content, growing a community of likeminded supporters who saw the beauty in his voice. An individual of many talents, Jebari’s YouTube channel is diverse in content.

Anyway, what amount has the accomplishment of ‘See You Again ‘ changed things for you?

“I think it truly gave me a specific buzz of certainty. When you’re another performance craftsman, individuals are somewhat frightened to do stuff that is extraordinary or new on the grounds that they simply need to go with what’s as of now being played on the radio. They need to adhere to the recipe that is as of now been tried ” said Samy Jebari.

Samy Jebari debut single, See You Again, hit streaming platform in November 2016, selling more than 137,000 copies within a year. In 2018, Samy Jebari released the song ‘OMG’, which offered his growing fan base 10 new songs. the album ‘I hâte U I love U’ was released in 2016 too, with a holiday single ‘Crazy Kids’ coming out the same year.